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dr. Carolina Dalla Chiesa

Dr. Carolina Dalla Chiesa is Cultural Economist and Cultural Anthropologist. She is currently a lecturer at the Arts and Culture Department (Erasmus University Rotterdam) where she completed her Ph.D. with research on crowdfunding for the arts. She has been engaged in a mixed-methods research project to investigate the mechanisms, benefits, and constraints of doing crowdfunding as a form of online patronage. She investigates the role of online platforms in bringing supporters and creators closer through a new form of patronage interaction (via online matchmaking). She is especially concerned with further researching what differences and similarities the contemporary forms of patronage present in comparison to traditional forms of arts funding. How is crowdfunding patronage? Is this similar or different from mecenaat? What is the role of new funding tools in patronage exchange?  Her current research has shown, for example, how patronage takes place in crowdfunding through online, dispersed ways, often exerting a form of collective action. Identity expression, gift-giving, and fandom are typically the ways in which backers connect with artists, creators, and independent makers who use online platforms to connect with potential audiences.

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